Welcome to the Mobile Food Rodeo's 1st Annual Trucktoberfest hosted at Redmond's Marymoor Park this October 3-4th, 2015. In an effort to provide you the best experience, we have painted the best food trucks with some of the best breweries in one place over an entire weekend.


We are proud to announce our 2015 food trucks selected to participate at this year's big Eastside bonanza, so stay tuned for more updates and news. LIKE our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute changes.


  1. My Sweet Lil Cakes
  2. My Chef Lynn
  3. Pelmeni Dumpling Tzar
  4. Chopstix
  5. Ezell's Express
  6. Hallava Falafel
  7. Lumpia World
  8. Peasant Food Manifesto
  9. Bread and Circuses
  10. Wood Shop BBQ
  11. NOSH
  12. Ben & Jerry's
  13. Meat On a Mission
  14. Tummy Yummy Thai
  15. Falafel Salam
  16. Mobile Mavens
  17. Off the Rez
  18. Bomba Fusion
  19. Heigh Connects, LLC dba Sam Choy's Poke' to the Max
  20. People of the Chubbs
  21. BeanFish
  22. Tokyo Dog
  23. Veraci Pizza
  24. Buns on Wheels
  25. Hot Revolution Donuts


  1. Soda Jerk Soda
  2. Anchorhead Coffee
  3. Fruit Chatter Box
  4. All About Cookies
  5. Malus Fermented Ginger Beer
  6. The Lemongrass